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Dilophosaurus (Moveable Toy by 3rd Party/Gosnell)

The 3rd party market can produce some surprisingly good results sometimes – although it’s still not always by their own original merit.

Dilophosaurus Plush Pair (Unknown Company)

Dilophosaur fans of multiple varieties get the best deal with this pair of charmingly well-constructed plush predators of semi-anonymous origin.

Dimetrodon (Soft Model by Favorite)

Favorite’s take on the classic pre-dinosaur land predator offers a more modern image of the synapsid than most, for its time.

Dinos (Toob by Safari Ltd.)

Safari’s very first prehistory toob is charming, but largely showing its age in the details and aesthetics of the figurines.

Dinosaur Excavation no. 7 (Capsule MiniQ Museum by Kaiyodo)

This set of reissued figurines offers an updated, good-quality variety of animals for collectors who might have missed earlier releases.

Dinosaurs I (Authentics Habitat Collection by Safari ltd.)

These six little dinos, sculpted by the Carnegie Collection’s own Forest Rogers, may look pretty dated today; but they manage to blend old and new aspects of science to produce a charming set as a whole.

Dinosaurs II (Authentics Habitat Collection by Safari ltd.)

This fine set of little Battat precursors from Gregory Wenzel has aged impressively well, and any collector who’s found a chance to own the set should find these a delight.

Dinosaurs III (Authentics Habitat Collection by Safari ltd.)

The final set of Safari’s first forays into dinosaur miniatures features a charming blend of aesthetics, and also serves in retrospect as a tribute to a dawning hobby and its burgeoning artists.

Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Museum Collection, Series 2 (Larami Corp)

Larami’s Museum set is looking pretty dated now, but it’s a charming playset all the same and one of the more memorable imitators out there.

Diplodocus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

What is possibly the largest Dinosaur in the Soft Model line to date strides in with the 2020 Favorite lineup; how big and how accurate is it really?

Dire Wolf (MPC)

The hound of La Brea (and beyond) has surprisingly few toys to its name today; equally surprising is that MPC ended up being the first to tackle it. How does the little figurine fare in quality after 50 years?

Discover Dinosaurs: Dino Cretaceous Vol. 1 by Colorata

Colorata’s first dinosaur set doesn’t hold up perfectly to modern science, but overall these are nicely made figures good for both play and display.

Discover Dinosaurs: Dino Jurassic Vol. 3 (Colorata)

While this set has its share of flaws, Colorata’s 3rd dinosaur volume – and first focused on Jurassic fauna – still offers plenty for dino fans to appreciate.

Dromaeosaurus (Beasts of the Mesozoic 1:18 by Creative Beast Studio)

Despite a few issues in design due to its small size, this figurine is an impressive downscaling of the 1:6 predecessor that will display beautifully with its larger contemporaries.

Dunkleosteus (Vinyl Model Series by Favorite)

Unlike the soft model line, which is suited for kids and collectors alike, the large vinyl line usually appears to target children exclusively; but this doesn’t mean they should simply be disregarded by collectors.