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Hawaiian ‘O’ o (Forgotten Friends Series A by Yowie)

3.5 (4 votes)

As a volcanic island chain, Hawaii is not known for it’s ancient fossil fauna, but it has a selection of modern extinct species. The ‘O’ o (or Moho, based on the scientific name) were a group of birds that were native to Hawaii, now all extinct, the last being recent enough to have recordings of it’s mating call (worth hearing, though prepare to be moved to tears).

Hesperornis (Primeval by Character Options)

4.3 (8 votes)
Hesperornis is an extinct genus of flightless aquatic birds that lived during the late Cretaceous. Fossils have been found in Kansas and Canada. The first fossils had been dug out by Othniel C. Marsh himself during the famous “Bone Wars”. Hesperornis, a lesser-known discovery from that era, could reach 1,5m or even a little more in length.

Kelenken (Deluxe model by CollectA)

4.5 (15 votes)
This year’s new Collecta figures represent a huge leap forward from their rather ugly forebears, and one of the most handsome in the lineup is this sizeable model of the phorusrhacid ‘terror bird’ Kelenken guillermoi, released as part of the ‘Deluxe’ range. It’s a real treat for anyone who’s recently developed a fascination with these sadly extinct enormous carnivorous avians (as I have).

Kelenken (Paleomaster)

3.8 (4 votes)
Review and Photos by Dinodinkies. Edited by Plesiosauria.
Kelenken is an extinct bird belonging to the Phorusrhacidae Family. It lived in the Miocene and was discovered in Argentinia, where it caused terror to the animals living there. The bird was probably 3m high, which makes it the largest terrorbird.

Mesozoic Creatures (Tamiya)

4.5 (2 votes)
Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
When it comes to makers of model sets, the Japanese company Tamiya should be familiar to most. From planes to light infantry, they have created a wide range of products. One of those lines, however, consists of dinosaur models.

Microraptor (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

4.7 (12 votes)
Now available from here.
Microraptor is a relatively recent discovery, but it has quickly become very popular with dinosaur enthusiasts. And why not? It’s one of the best known dromaeosaurs, with a whopping 300 or so fossil specimens spread out globally in various museums.

New Zealand Giant Eagle/Hieraaetus (Lost Kingdoms Series A by Yowie)

4.2 (5 votes)

When a species goes extinct, you take out one piece of the food web, affecting everything above and below it. When the Moa went extinct, so too did it’s main predator, the largest eagle to ever have existed, Haast’s eagle, Hieraaetus. Once it flew through the forests of New Zealand, preying on the Moa, grabbing their pelvis and slashing their neck with their sharp talons, which gave them their initial (and cooler sounding) scientific name of Harpagornis.

Phorusrhacos (X-Plus)

5 (3 votes)
After the death of the non-avian dinosaurs some of the remaining descendants tried to re-claim their former glory and put mammals back in their place. These of course were the terror birds or Phorusrhacidae which carried on the legacy of Tyrannosaurus and its kin between 62-2 million years ago.

Prehistoric Animal Set (The Ark by Joy City)

3.8 (4 votes)

Every now and again, something rather interesting pops up that you wouldn’t expect to be as good as you’d think. The toy sets you would see at supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl, often seen as cheap item makers, having something worth getting. Here, we examine the Joy City line on prehistoric animals, a counterpoint to there Dinosaur wave, which seems more typical chinasaur.

Prehistoric Animals (Panini, review part 2)

Panini prehistoric animals and dinosaur toys

4.1 (7 votes)
In part 1 of this review we looked at 12 dinosaur toys (and one pterosaur) from Panini’s Prehistoric Animals line. In part 2 we pick up where we left off to complete the full set of 24 toys.

Figure numbers 13 to 15 are a trio of marine reptiles, and their dark blue colour works very well for aquatic animals.

Prehistoric Mammals Tube (Collecta)

4.2 (17 votes)

Collecta has been bringing out prehistoric animal tubes over the last few years, and while some gave us some great new designs, others have just given us miniature versions of models they already have. This is a case of the latter, as they have released these small versions of their ancient mammals.

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