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4 Responses to Zhuchengtyrannus vs Sinoceratops (Favorite Co. Ltd)

  1. Does anyone know if there are any good photos or a review of the Fukui Dinosaur Museum Japan Favorite Yutyrannus “duel” set?

  2. One thing that disappoints me about the Zhuchengtyrannus is that it’s just a generic scaly tyrannosaur, it doesn’t even represent what little we know of Zhuchengtyrannus very well. One of the distinguishing features of it for example is that the maxilla is much more curved than the one of Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus, the one in the toy on the other hand is pretty much straight.

  3. The siamoceratops looks either a Centrosaurus or a juvenile Styracosaurus [Just giving my opinion] 😀

  4. I have never heard of these two dinosaurs ; It is good to see obscure species that are quite unknown to the dinosaur world being immortalized by companies such as CollectA and Favourites Ltd.
    This Zhuchengtyrannus magnus[Dino Kingdom 2012 by Takara Tomy] and this one by Favourites Co Ltd are excellent pieces of this quite unknown tyrannosaurid.

    I would love if CollectA added Siamoceratops to their collection of obscure ceratopsians. I know that CollectA has the potential to do it in the near future,

    This scene reminds me of the famous Late Cretaceous North American battle scene; a Triceratops locked in a battle with the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    I would buy this piece and the T rex vs Triceratops scene by Sideshow Dinosauria to complete not only my collection of tyrannosaurids and cerattopsians but also the battle scenes between ferocious, nightmarish carnivores and peace loving herbivore giants.

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